Elizabeth Watkins – Director, Secondary School Learning Guide

Elizabeth Watkins studied Biology in college, yet she has worked with kids for over 20 years, from nannying, to coaching cross country, to teaching ESL.  She’s had the privilege of working at AMS since 2020 and recently discovered a passion for American History and America’s Free Market System.  Elizabeth is a joyful mother of four and desires to cultivate a love of learning, creativity, and entrepreneurship into her own children as well as the children she has the opportunity to develop at AMS.  When not with her kids, you can find Elizabeth running in the mountains, reading about personal development, cooking in her kitchen, or connecting with friends over tea.

Preem Mendoza – Elementary Learning Guide

Ms. Preem has been with AMS since the beginning, first as an assistant learning guide and then as the lead upper elementary learning guide. She has vast experience working with children in school, ministry, extracurricular, and tutoring settings. You can reach her at preem@ascendmicroschool.com.

Barbi Carr – Community Director

Barbi tutored and trained tutors in Classical Conversations in Portland, Oregon for 4 years before moving back home to Colorado and moving her children toward a more leadership based form of learning.  She is an equipper passionate about empowering children and families in their giftings and overcoming weaknesses with hope and victory. Professionally, she empowers families in their health through her Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy practice.  With a college background in Musical Theater she loves integrating creativity and wonder in her children’s lives.  Ascend Micro School has been the perfect partner in helping her equip her children dreams with the tools and skills they need to become the leaders they are meant to be, and she is excited to nurture that vision and equip others in the fullness of what it has to offer. 

Sarah Lavezzo – Founder, Educational Consultant


Sarah Lavezzo is the founder and executive director of Wonder Learning Collective (WLC), an educational nonprofit that believes the purpose of education is to equip students to be lifelong learners and compassionate citizens while preparing them to live an enriched, fulfilling life as they create positive change in their community and world. She founded Ascend Micro School in 2019 with the intent of creating a supportive community where kids feel cherished and empowered. She is currently the co-founder and Education Director of the Scholé Center for Innovative Education in the DC area. Additionally, she has co-authored several curriculums for the United States Institute of Peace and Heartwork. Her graduate degrees are in curriculum & instruction and gifted education & talent development. She is passionate about learner-driven education, global education, and empowering children and families. She firmly believes that our kids are capable of great things, and is always excited to see the amazing work of WLC students! As the mom of a delightful daughter, she loves to build community with other parents and support them in their journeys. You can reach her at sarah@ascendmicroschool.com.