Great minds do not all think alike. This resonates with me because that is one of the big ideas for our school. Kids have great minds, but they are all so different. Each person was made by our infinitely creative God, and we shouldn’t want each child to think, learn, explore, or create the same. Our communities and world need the uniqueness of each person.

I have had various experiences as a public school classroom teacher, gifted intervention specialist, enrichment teacher, co-op leader, music director, children’s ministry, etc. What I have noticed in each of these settings is that children are all so different in how they learn, move, socialize, accomplish, create, innovate, and empathize. And time and time again these young children prove that all of these differences are a really good thing.

An emotionally sensitive child can identify friends that are sad and comfort them. An introverted, observant child can find solutions and make connections that others may miss. An active child has the energy to conquer a really difficult task. An intense child perseveres when others are inclined to give up. A talkative child explores big ideas with others in order to build understanding in themselves and others. A creative child observes and creates beauty in the world. An insightful child identifies problems and works to find solutions. And the list could go on and on…

Children can be any of these, all of them, or other things entirely. A micro school environment provides the time and resources to allow each child’s individual gifts to bloom. At Ascend Micro School, we want our learners to be different. We desire diversity. We cherish the uniqueness of every student that walks through our doors. They are all capable of making a difference in their community.

They have great minds and do not all think alike, and that is definitely a good thing.

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